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Children love to learn new skills and feel competent. Doing the daily EV program with them builds this joyful feeling. Character is built in small doses over a long period of time and in special teachable moments where a new idea that is timely takes root. The physical skills are also built over time but maybe don’t require as much time as you think. Here’s a fun argument that 20 hours is all you need to get good at physical fitness activities.

No, it’s not enough to become an elite athlete but it is enough to develop enough skill,coordination and strength to begin to see yourself as someone who could train more intensely for any sport. It opens the door if that is an area your child wants to pursue.
With confidence that comes from competence, your child will not shy away from physical challenges. They will be fit enough to pursue any athletic dream. They will also be fit enough to stay healthy if their passion lies in another area like music or art. Getting competent in one area even opens doors in other areas.

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