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Hello, I’m Pam Davenport author of Exercising Values and mother to six wonderful children with my youngest just turning 20. I have been where you are as a parent and I want to help you have the deep satisfaction of a job well done while doing the most important job on earth. I really believe that. Our children are our magnum opus-the best and most important work of our lives. Thank you for looking here for some answers to your questions about parenting. You will not be disappointed. I take your trust very seriously and will only offer you the best of what I have learned from a lifetime as a parent, a home educator, a family counselor, a personal trainer, and a triathlon athlete and coach.

This varied background has given me the opportunity to distill just what it takes to raise healthy, happy, well-behaved children.

There are a lot of places to find techniques to steer your child out of bad behaviors and more/less manipulate them into the behaviors you would like to see. To share a secret with you I had a hard time even using the term well-behaved children even though I know that is what so many parents long for. The reason is I care deeply that these behaviors come from a heart that is convinced of their value and not just there to get a reward or to avoid a punishment.  This program will touch the heart of your child and make them want to choose to do the right thing.

There are places to help you teach your child fitness and help them avoid the pains of being overweight. There are places for moms to learn how to de-stress,lose weight, and have more energy. There are places to learn how to create great family memories and to have fun as a family. This program is different in that it not only gets your child to willingly choose good behavior…it not only helps moms and their children stay lean and fit, happy and close knit -hey rhyme- but it also prepares your children to be people who will impact the world for good all of their lives. Yes, even while they are young.

I have been in the trenches just like you and I want to lead you to a family life that will inspire others to ask how you do it. In fact, I even have an affiliate program to reward you when you do share with others how this program has made parenting more rewarding, has helped you lose weight, and has made your children the easiest for others to have around because of their great attitudes,helpful and attentive demeanor, and happy disposition.

Children need character training but it must be woven into everyday moments. Children also need something worthwhile and active to do. Moms need a little time for themselves and help to regain or keep their fit and lean body. All of this is doable and I am here to help you. Exercising Values is a quick read with a lot of valuable information. To continue to receive updated exercises just like a personal trainer would provide-hey I am a personal trainer-in fact I work at a college where it is my job to train the next generation of personal trainers-so you can be assured my advice is always current and has the latest and best strategies to create a foundation for athletic success for your child and to help both of you stay energetic,lean,strong,flexible, and healthy.

As a home educating mom-that era of my life is just now ending-I have spent decades learning how to instill good character in children. I have a Master’s in Social work and a background in family counseling and have worked professionally with various addictions including over-eating but also including working with drug addicted juvenile felons who transformed their lives when they were given the time and attention that you are giving your children to prevent them from making these bad choices. I did that work straight out of graduating from Stanford University having done honors work in juvenile justice. It has been my passion since I was a young person to help all young people reach their full potential by chosing a life of purpose and good values. As a part of this mission, a portion of every sale goes to help orphans around the world. My goal is to help parents with children in order to also help children without parents.

This program is all about prevention: prevent weight gain, prevent boredom that leads to bad choices, prevent bad behaviors by teaching why good character rewards and protects us. Your family life will get better because you use this program but more than that you are laying the foundation for many generations and creating a true legacy for yourself through your love for your children.

Wow, I’m excited thinking of all that lies ahead for you. So push the button below, get the book and get started. I am here at this site as well as at various speaking opportunities to answer all of your questions. Read the blog, post comments and lets grow together. Thank you for becoming a part of the Exercising Values family. Join us on FB and follow us on twitter. Push the button below, get the book and let’s get started!