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  • Kindness Transforms LivesKindness transforms lives. It might transform the recipient but it most surely will transform the one who does the act of kindness. Emerson said,"One of the most beautiful compensations in life is that no man can help another without helping himself." As we go about our busy days, every act of kindness towards a child will plant a seed of kindness in their heart. There is no better way to teach kindness than to be kind.
  • The Heart of a Child Lives OnI wanted to share this video from Nikosi, a young [...]
  • 5 Actions to Take Today to Be a Happier Parent with Happier ChildrenThe tag line of Exercising Values has always been happy, [...]
  • Rising Above the Situation: How to Gain a New Perspective on ChangeThat book I was reading casts the coach as a reflecting pool that lets the other person see themselves more clearly. I think that also applies to parents endeavoring to inspire their children to internalize strong character and to have a moral compass. The parent presents the concept and defines it because research shows that a child is more likely to adopt a character quality such as helpfulness or boldness or any other quality if it is given a name. Certainly parents teach by example but that example is strengthened when it is given a label. Then the parent creates opportunities for the child to practice that trait and the parent's conversation helps the child to see himself as someone who possesses that trait. In a way, the parent allows the child to see herself as someone who is persevering, loyal or kind.


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