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  • The Heart of a Child Lives OnI wanted to share this video from Nikosi, a young [...]
  • 5 Actions to Take Today to Be a Happier Parent with Happier ChildrenThe tag line of Exercising Values has always been happy, [...]
  • Rising Above the Situation: How to Gain a New Perspective on ChangeThat book I was reading casts the coach as a reflecting pool that lets the other person see themselves more clearly. I think that also applies to parents endeavoring to inspire their children to internalize strong character and to have a moral compass. The parent presents the concept and defines it because research shows that a child is more likely to adopt a character quality such as helpfulness or boldness or any other quality if it is given a name. Certainly parents teach by example but that example is strengthened when it is given a label. Then the parent creates opportunities for the child to practice that trait and the parent's conversation helps the child to see himself as someone who possesses that trait. In a way, the parent allows the child to see herself as someone who is persevering, loyal or kind.
  • Power of LessI recently began doing coaching for Precision Nutrition which means [...]


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